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Writing to Heal

A. M. B.

This name is to honor Her,

Y o u,

And the One you will love to time’s end

Her grace grew in her journey across the sea

Yet this grace does not play soft or small

She is powerful and fire-full,

and will still hold you with sincere warmth

Y O U are becoming of spring’s growth

You who still holds hurt and bitterness

Finding and losing and finding

Time and time again

Katotohanan, Kalayaan

Her Voice

She’s the One who lived with abundance

Bountiful in love, and faith and joy

The guardian angel,

the matriarch

The awaiting farewell yet to exist

I come from Her- the graceful fire-full dragona

We come from Her- the free-spirited ancestor above

Anak ni Ana

Apo ni Lola Beth

And Mae is what they call me

I will always begin and end with them


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