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When Silence Becomes a Familiar Friend

Silence meets you at the kitchen table,

while you sip on your morning coffee and

as I see you, I wonder…

What silences do you hold?

What silences do you keep from the world?

I see silence sit beside you when

you’re in the driver’s seat and I wonder…

Is this life you lead your own?

Do you fond over thoughtful memories

Of a simpler life back home?

I see Stillness stored in a shoebox-

of dreamful eyes in your youthful photographs

I catch a glimpse of this spirit every time you laugh

But something has taken this stillness away

Did the dream this country promised you been betrayed?

I can see it in your tired eyes and

I wonder what stories you hold within

your laborful hands

Do your silences speak of

sacrifice? of heartache? or simply humble pride?

I wonder…

What stories you hold within you

that you’ve left untouched

but still grab onto

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