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Inhale... Hold... Exhale...

When the harsh articulations

of my mind swallow me

into silence,

into isolation,

into paralysis,


I lose the air in my lungs,

the voice within my chest

and chills flood my body.

I lose. I lose.

I’m losing, I keep losing


(huminga ka lang./just breathe.)

I know it’s hard,

shutting it out will only make it louder.

Drowning the noise with more

will only make it stronger.

I know it’s hard to sit

alone and listen.

it’s gonna be alright,

I know it’s hard, but open up here

your deep rooted fear blinds you

Open yourself up here to breathe again

Open yourself up here to breathe again

Inhale… and drink the air back into your lungs.

Replace the darkness with gentle kindness.

Hold… onto the true reflection of who you are.

Return and Reconnect within the home inside.

Exhale… the harsh articulations of your mind.

Let go of the resistance. They do not belong here.


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