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Body Aches

My chest (still breathes in neglect)


My throat swallowed the silence


My back (continues to carry the guilt)


My feet dragged the loneliness


“where do you feel your body ache?”, she asked

-my younger self answered

I hold the neglect inside my chest

for all the times I held my breath to hide

for all the times I betrayed the voice inside

I hold the pain of silence within my throat

I sat in place with no breathing space

for the years spent in the sunken place

I hold the guilt weighing on my back

for all the privileges I couldn't extend

Didn’t know colonization to this extent

I hold the loneliness within my feet

For all the days I braved this path unwalked

to break cycles of habit to survive the aftershock

Yes... the body keeps score

I do not yet know how to release them out altogether

to make room for something new to nurture

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