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About Me

Reflection: Resisting change will only m

Photo by Aliana Garcia

Hi, my name is Alyza- writer, Pinay Bay Area writer, head in the clouds dreamer and always in moments of reflection. A true Pisces at heart.

What's ambmalaya?

amb are the initials I share with my Mama, Ate (older sister) and Lola (grandmother). I highlight these initials to honor them and draw strength from the womxn in my life. Malaya means free in Tagalog. With my words, with my community, I am becoming free.  

Who Am I? Well, I'm... 

A young-ish adult "adulting" growing both in pain and joy as I learn to love all parts of me. 


I am a Pinay born in the Philippines and transplanted in the Bay with stories to rewrite and reinvent to find my voice.


As a Filipina-American, I have been caught in between cultures and floating between languages as I try to map out my roots and bridge generations.

I write to navigate through dissonance & seek balance, healing and liberation-

w. Kapwa, w. Storied Beings, w. Inner Self. 

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